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Baking Flour (Maida)
We manufacture baking flour (Maida) which is 100% free from the presence of any harmful ingredients. Our baking flour (Maida) contains high level of nutritional level for the regular growth of body. For making soft as well as nutritious Chapatti, we manufacture baking flour (Maida). We have a team of trained professionals having abundant experience in dealing with baking flour (Maida).
Moisture 13 % -13.5 %
Total Ash 0.5 - 0.55 %
Acid Insoluble Ash 0.015-0.02
Alcoholic Acidity 0.02%-0.03%
Gluten 28% - 30 %
Water Absorption Power Min.60%
Sedimentation Value 23ml - 24ml
Maltose Value 2.5mg - 3.5mg
Protein Crude 12 % - 13 %
Crude Fiber Max. 2.5% - 3%
Starch 73% - 75%
Colour Creamish White
It is used for preparing in various items some of them are Bread, Burger Buns, Rusk, Pasta, Noodles, Pizza Dough, Cake/Pastries, Biscuits etc.
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